Posted on Jan 17, 2018

Radical Aliveness and Relationship Coaching

I am committed to embracing and interacting as, and with the whole person that I am, and to assisting others to be, express, and relate with their whole, integrated selves. Using dance and interactive movement as a vehicle for self-growth, we can explore and addresses these key relationship and life skills: Developing keen self-awareness and owning our truths Avoiding comparison traps and practicing self-love and acceptance Dealing with rejection, learning from mistakes, and letting go of regrets Overcoming insecurities and shame Exploring how dancing and interactive movement and massage can support our spirituality Clear communicating and embodied engagement Understanding embodied consent and feeling confident saying “no” Navigating and expressing feelings in ways that create connection Practicing asking our friends/lovers/family for what we want and need Learning how to convey our yes’s and no’s through our bodies Negotiating dyad, triad, and group dynamics and interactions Deepening intimacy in our relationships Expressing ourselves with courageous vulnerability Learning how to hold space for our partner and others Seeing how our emotional patterns shape our ability to connect Exploring our relationship with trust and boundaries Turning relationship challenges into opportunities for deepening intimacy